Dark Web Links 2020


 Dark Web Links


 Some of us think that they know everything about Internet – it is a useful tool that helps finding any information we want. That is true to a certain extent but when we find out about dark web we are about to be fascinated how big World Wide Web really is.

 According to some sources the so called Darknet comprises nearly 96% of data ever put online. This vast storage of forbidden information, government sites, rare books and goods of a specific nature. Not interested yet? Take a look what data categories and links could be found in Deep Web.


What categories are available for Darkweb visitors?

 Usually such domains are associated with illegal goods and other disgusting stuff. But darweb links could very useful when it comes to useful data search. Here are some darkweb links examples:

  • Hidden Wiki – vast encyclopedia where you can find articles, which can’t be read on regular Wikipedia;
  • Financial services – sites that allow you to transfer crypto currency, create wallets and exploit other services;
  • Commercial services – different shops and trading floors;
  • Social networks – Facebook is replaced by BlackBook, Galaxy 2, Cave Tor and other sites;
  • Email Messaging services – anonymous software and self-destructing messages;
  • Hosting, image uploaders, professional websites on .onion domain.

 These are most used darknet links examples that most users visit and download.


I am interested – how do I get it?

 Actually it is the easiest part. You just have to download, install and configure Tor Browser for using dark web links. This simple and useful software will allow you entering any onion links you want. All you have to do is to follow simple steps while installing the program. After the setup is finished configure software if Tor Browser is forbidden in your country.11 And you should also think about personal security. Make sure you have VPN enabled before you surf in the Darkweb link domains. Never give your real contacts to anybody and forget about downloading dangerous files. In general be very careful and do trust online strangers.